Services Provided

Structure Scan in Concrete

  • Locating rebar, cables, conduit and other obstructions
  • 3D mapping of interior obstructions
  • Void detection for quality control

Environmental Assessments

  • Locate buried underground storage tanks and drums
  • Locate sources of point contamination
  • Locate and map leaking pipes

Forensics and Law Enforcement

  • Identify and delineate areas of disturbed soil
  • Locate and map unmarked graves
  • Locate buried evidence
  • Locate underground bunkers and tunnels

Architectural Facade Inspection

Locate fractures, voids and embedded objects in important historical structures to maximize repair and restoration efforts

Utility Detection and Mapping

Locating and mapping existing piping prior to installation of new pipes


Information from GRP survey for planing, conservation, preservation and accurate location of excavation units

Cemetary Mapping

  • Provide you with a map of your cemetary plots
  • Locate any unmarked graves

Highway Inspection

This dark area shows a spot where the soil has been disturbed. Upon further investigation the spot was found to be a drainage ditch that had been filled in about 2 years ago.

Top down view of a 2 x 2 section of bathroom floor with wire mesh, rebar and radiant heat tubes running through it at different depths.

During GPR mapping of a dipping pipe, an adjacent unknown waste pit was found.